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  • Double Layer Green-Black Landscape Fabric

    Agriculture Nonwoven

    VEIJUN innovative double layer green-black weed control fabric is a kind of permeable and degradable weed blocking fabric specifically developed for heat-sensitive plants or  in high termperature areas for agricultural, landscape and organic industries.

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    VEIJUN innovative double layer weed control fabric is a kind of hydrophilic and degradable weed blocking fabric specifically developed for heat-sensitive plants and plants which growing in high termperature areas for agricultural, landscape and organic industries.
    Its innovative technology allows the passage of air and water to the soil beneath and by comparison with traditional plastic PE weed mat, not only can green-black nonwoven weed control mat reduce weed growth and help to maintain ideal environment for plants growing, but also helps to relieve surface temperature that generates by normal landscape fabric, in this way it suits for many plants and would effectively lower the risks which may damage heat-sensitive plants in high temperature areas.

    Product: Double Layer Landscape Fabric
    Material 100% virgin polypropylene
    Color: Black-green
    Width: 80cm,100cm,120cm,160cm or as customers’ requirements
    Length: 500m,400m,300m or as customer’s requirements
    GMS: 35-85gms
    Treatment: UV treated 2.8%~4% or as per customer’s requirements
    Package: Pack on roll with stretch film or as customers’ requirements
    MOQ: 2 tons
    Production Capability:1000Tons/month
    Delivery time: 7-10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sight

    Application in three ways:


    On small rolls:

    On big rolls:

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    1. With Green side under sunlight can effectively reduce heat that generates above the surface of land, it suits for heat-sensitive plants perfectly.

    2.VEIJUN landscape fabric stops weeds from growing

    3. It is strong and durable yet flexible, easy to cut and install·

    4. Comes with pre-marked grid format for easy & accurate cutting of the fabric·

    5. Blocks light and weeds and conserves moisture allowing air, water and nutrients through to plants roots while letting the soil breathe·

    6. This is simply the best weed suppressant on the market·

    7. Enironmentally friendly provides a chemical free means of controlling weeds

    8. Save manual work on weed control

    VEIJUN green-black weed control fabric acts as a superior weed control fabric and is used in many applications including under garden gravel paths, decorative layers such as mulching bark chippings, stone chippings, pebbles or gravel for chemical free weed control. VEIJUN weed control membrane is permeable, allowing nutrients, water and air into the soil to maintain it's goodness, whilst preventing weeds growing.

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